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Deveron at Rothiemay

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Deveron Fishing, guidance

The river Deveron is not a huge river and in the spring can generally be fished with a 12 to 15 foot fly rod.  On the beats where spinning is allowed an 8 to 9 foot rod is sufficient. 

Fly fishing for salmon in the spring does not require a lot of wading.  Thigh waders are usually sufficient.  However, chest waders can be a great advantage in that they keep out the cold easterly winds which we can get in March, April and May. 

Angling in the spring would require flies sizes 6 to 8 and very occasionally size 4.  Intermediate and slow sink lines are appropriate.

For summer months, when water levels may be lower, fly rods of 10 to 12 foot are sufficient and fly sizes drop down to 10, 12 and 14.  Suggested fly patterns are Cascade, Ally’s Shrimp, Fiery Stoat and Silver Stoat.  Spinning where allowed usually by Rapala (single treble), Toby Spoon and wooden or metal Devon Minnows (up to 3 inch).  Sea trout flies - Stoats Tail, Butcher, Teal Blue and Silver; sizes range from 10 to 14.

Brown trout flies for spring - March Brown, Greenwells, Dark and Light Olives and later Wickhams Fancy, Black Gnat and Blue Dun.  Again, observe what is hatching on the river.

Current Issues - Keep Gyrodactylus salaris out of Scottish rivers

What is Gyrodactylus salaris?

Gyrodactylus salaris is a parasite which does kill salmon.

How dangerous is it?

In some Norwegian rivers infested with the parasite salmon stocks have been lost forever. Therefore, it is essential that this parasite is not introduced to the British Isles.

How might it get here?

The parasite is very hardy, capable of surviving long periods in fishing gear. It is possible that a single specimen, imported by accident, would be capable of starting an epidemic in this country.

What can you do?

Anglers must take special steps to ensure that their equipment is not contaminated. Anglers travelling from areas which are not designated as free of Gyrodactylus salaris should take precautions. All fishing equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, then treated, to kill any parasites by either :

  • drying at a minimum of 20 degrees C for two days
  • heating for an hour at 60 degrees C
  • deep freezing for a day
  • immersion in a solution suitable for killing Gyrodactylus salaris for 10 minutes. Chemical solutions recommended are Virkon (1%), sodiuum chloride (3%), sodium hydroxide (0.2%).

Before fishing the rivers you should complete an Anglers Declaration relating to the cleanliness of your tackle. The form can be downloaded here.

You should obtain a valid certificate from the relevant fish health regulatory authority in the country of origin or at the point of entry in GB.

For more information, contact : Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, PO Box 101, Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB. Telephone 01224 876544.

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